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I'm back

Ok, so, yes, that was a long break.  I have good reason.  First, I was in Scotland for Christmas and New Year (Hogmanay) and when I returned, all my 'writing' powers were focused on my personal statement for law school.  That was probably the hardest piece of writing I've ever had to do and it was only two pages.  But, it was two pages about me.  Ugh.  Anyway.  The applications are submitted and the expected rejections have come in.  I'm not being hard on myself.  I am being realistic.  My GPA in undergrad was BAD.  So now I deal with the consequences.  As a result, I was really gung-ho about the idea of going anywhere for my first year and then attempting to transfer into The University of Texas as a transfer student.  I was until I got an email on March 23.  Well, I received it March 22, but accidentally deleted it.  I was accepted to one of my safe schools, but I was also offered a full tuition scholarship.  I think that has kind of sealed the deal.  The only drawback I can see is that it is in Florida.  Law school is only 3 years.  It's only 3 years.  Ok, so, now that I'm back, I have a 'feature' to add to my little blog.  I am going to incorporate my film/play log into my livejournal.  I have to keep a log of every movie or play I watch in order to encourage my study of a movie or performance beyond relaxed enjoyment.  I am going to ask that any of you who read this please, please, please tell me if I start to become a cynical movie critic (of course lacking the educational background for it).  I'm going to start by transferring the ones I've posted on facebook. 

~Blue Skies~

Treat the Catholic Church as divine only and you will stumble over her scandals, her failures, and her shortcomings.  Treat her as human only and you will be silenced by her miracles, her sanctity, and her eternal resurrections.
~Mgr. Rober Hugh Benson


I suggest that you read this before making any decisions. Good luck.

Had already heard that. This particular school had a lot more going for it than the scholarship, but the scholarship made the difference. I'd rather be in that environment even if I have to pay for the last two years out of pocket, than be in another, cheaper law school environment knowing that Ave Maria was a better fit. Thanks, though.