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FILM: The Gathering (2003, Brian Gilbert)

OK, so for some reason I decided to add a bunch of movies that would scare me to my Blockbuster queue...not such a good idea in retrospect, but I'm going with it.  First on the table was The Gathering.  I'm not an expert, but I liked it.  I saw some problems, but they seemed to be exacerbated by editing more than by the acting.  I read the reviews after I saw the movie and see where the reviewers are coming from. 

I like the premise of the movie and truly, truly appreciate the lack of gore.  It's not that I'm not up for a good gory movie every now and then, but I like when a movie can hold me in fearful suspense, expecting the gore, and then never resort to it.  Being the scaredy-cat I am, I really love when I can finish a movie that scared me or startled me and when it's over, I'm done...there's closure. 

I did check out a website that compared the cut version I saw with the original released in Germany.  Have to say, I think the sex scene was gratuitous and I'm content with that cut.  I was, however, not happy with a few of the cuts that would have explained the emotions and motivations in some of the scenes.  I would have liked to have known that Christina Ricci's character was vaguely aware of knowing Ioan Gruffudd's character and that they had formed a closer bond so that her jumping on the angry coaster in the police department would have made more sense.  With that context, she feels betrayed...without the context, I was left a bit confused thinking I'd missed something. 

Oh, you know there was a pretty terrifying death scene, but I pretty much forgot about it after the movie...possibly just my mind protecting me from scary things.  Anyway, overall, I liked it.

~Blue Skies~

I wanted once to do a scene, for North By Northwest by the way, and I couldn't get it in there. I wanted it to be in Detroit, and two men walking along in front of an assembly line. And behind them you see the automobile being put together. It starts with a frame, and you just take the camera along, the two men are talking. And you know all those cars are eventually driven off the line, they load them with gas and everything. And one of the men goes forward, mind you you've seen a car from nothing, just a frame, opens the door and a dead body falls out.
~Alfred Hitchcock