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FILM: 300 (2006, Zach Snyder)

Loved this movie.  Obviously not in tune with my brief study of Greek history, but I found out much later it was based on a graphic novel which was historical fiction, so I'm ok with it.  The lighting was weird.  Maybe because it was filmed for CGI alteration, but it was a bit odd to adjust to. 

I think the performance I enjoyed the most was that of David Wenham, the Spartan that Leonidas sends back to tell their story when the 300 are flanked by the traitorous hunchback and the immortals.  I'm probably biased because I like looking at him, but I think he is very adept at delivering a rousing speech.  Not everyone can do that well.  I appreciated the performance of Lena Heady as Leonidas's queen.  She exuded pride and strength. 

I'm curious in the mechanics of making Xerxes look so much taller, even when he puts his hands on Leonidas's shoulders, without looking extremely fake.  Rodrigo Santoro, who played Xerxes, is reported to be 6'1.5" and Gerard Butler (Leonidas) reportedly stands at 6'2".  You can see the difference in the color and quality when they're standing apart, but I'm curious about the hands.  They seemed in near-perfect proportion to Xerxes's size, but I couldn't make out the difference in picture between the hands and Leonidas or the hands and Xerxes. 

I enjoyed, thoroughly, the use of the apple to enhance Leonidas's nonchalance at killing wounded Persians and stacking the dead bodies.  I remember reading about James Kirk (Chris Pine) utilizing the same device to show nonchalance in Star Trek to good effect.  One thing that gets me is watching this movie and then watching One Night With The King.  Both feature Xerxes, but very, very differently.  Just an interesting dichotomy to create.

~Blue Skies~

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