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FILM: One Night With the King (2006, Michael O. Sajbel)

I adore this movie.  It's amazing the stories that are in the Bible.  John Noble, who also appeared as Boromir's and Faramir's father in The Lord of the Rings, is only surpassed in his ability to portray wickedness and greed by James Callis's portrayal of vengeance.  It's difficult to feel anything toward these two characters except disgust and disdain.  Well, that's what I felt anyway.  So, bravo to them.  I enjoyed Tommy 'Tiny' Lister as the Royal Eunuch.  His character was created with so much depth and compassion beneath his harsh exterior.  Tiffany Dupont totally sold her role as Esther/Hadassah.  The inner turmoil was there.  The music was moving and the costuming, lovely. 

I liked the use of the flashback to her parents as she approached the king near the end and assumed she was going to die.  It reminded me of J.K. Rowling's use of that device in the last of the Harry Potter series as Harry approaches what he assumes to be certain death. 

I did not buy, however, John Noble's hair.  It looked wrong and was very off-putting.  If he wasn't so amazing at being a despicable character, I would have been completely lost in the horror of his hair.  I rule that a very bad decision.  It looks fake.  Could be a horror movie of it's own, really..."Invasion of the Bad Weave."  Someone pointed out that it might be his real hair...I think it still should have been dyed for aesthetics. 

Eh, if the only bad thing I can really say about a movie is that one of the characters had bad hair, I must have really liked it, huh?

~Blue Skies~

Quote of the Day:
[When asked by a member of the press why, at his advanced age, it took so long for the British government to grant him the title of Knight] I think it's just a matter of carelessness.
~Alfred Hitchcock
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Dude, now I am watching this solely for Tiny Lister. He cracks me up. (Although let's be honest ... he was a big part of what was wrong with the Fifth Element world. Even that universe wasn't fucked-up enough for a cross-eyed wrestler to believably be the president.)