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No Belly Rub

FILM: Sharpe's Rifles (1993, Tom Clegg)

While not completely faithful to the book, (but, really, what movie is?) this movie was delightful.  I think Sean Bean was an excellent choice and does a fantastic job of portraying Richard Sharpe with his gruff, no-nonsense look that he can counteract with his dashing, confident air and smile.  It's a little difficult to reconcile this Sean Bean with the Sean Bean that played the skeevy Boromir in Fellowship of the Ring so, very impressed with his ability. 

Anyway, I didn't care for David Troughton as Arthur Wellesley (eventually the Duke of Wellington).  He was good, but there was a huge discord between his portrayal of Wellesley and the one I concocted in my imagination while reading the books.  Maybe I imagined a younger, friendlier face with a discordant harsh demeanor and Troughton has a harsh look with his harsh demeanor.  I am, however, looking forward to seeing him as The Doctor when we get to his portion of the series. 

Brian Cox confused me in his character choices.  I enjoyed it because his character was confusing in the books.  I was never completely confident where Hogan stood and constantly expected a wild twist with regard to his role in the narrative.  Daragh O'Malley was lovelier than I imagined Harper to be.  I was initially put off him because his appearance wasn't as grandiose as I imagined Harper, but when he gets snarky with the Frenchman "dressed like an undertaker" and he and Sharpe begin to understand each other, he was perfect and better than I imagined.  I am looking forward to the next installment in this series.