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Feeling Posh

My family is a bunch of Drama Queens

So, for those of you who don't know, last week I chopped my hair off.  14 inches.  WHACK!  No worries.  I will be growing it back out.  It was for a good cause.  Reason I bring this up:  I met Alan for dinner and his first remark that involved words was, "You're bald!"  I have mid-neck length hair...much closer to bald than when he dropped me off at work, but pretty far from bald, in my opinion.  Well, the next morning I kind of had my buyer's remorse moment when I sat at the edge of my bed and made a little whimper noise after fighting, half-awake, to get my newly-short hair out of my face with no success.  Alan asked me what was wrong and I, looking up at him pathetically, whined, "I don't have any hair!"  He laughed and gave me a hug and I realized that we fit very well into my family.  When Alan first came to visit, I was really concerned that my family would scare him, so this realization was kind of comforting...not comforting enough to overcome my buyer's remorse, but it helped. 

I know many people think their families are drama queens and I don't doubt it is true.  My family, well, they're their own unique brand of drama divas.  Allow me to illustrate with an example of each of them demonstrating their aptitude for the dramatic all within the course of 15 minutes.

One weekend we drove the 2 1/2 hours to visit my grandparents and stopped at the halfway point to get lunch at a fast food restaurant.  As we pulled up to pay, my mom, from the front passenger seat, turned and asked my sister and I to pass her purse to the front.  We searched the back of the car pretty extensively but didn't find it.  After 2 minutes or so of searching, my mom laughed and said she must have left it on the counter.  So my dad pulled out his wallet.  It was empty.  I mean empty.

Dad: Where are my credit cards?
Mom: Oh!  I pulled them out.
Dad: Why?
Mom: I got the new ones and was going to put them in.  Guess I never got to that part.
Dad: Wait!  Where's my driver's license?
Mom: Oh, I have no idea about that.  Amanda, do you have your bank card.

My little sister had confided to me on the outset of our trip to the grandparents' that she had forgotten her purse, so we got to share that with my parents. 

Me: I have a $20 and some change.  I'll pay.
Mom: You're going to have to drive, too.  You're the only one with a license.
Me: ...grumble...grumble...

Well, we, or I should say "I", drove us back that night and the next day my mother and I are looking at a book with wedding flowers for ideas.  We turn to a page that has ivory fabric draped over everything including from the ceiling and on the chairs and over the carpet and on the tables and swagged on the walls...it was pretty...um...overwhelming.  Well, my mother voiced her opinion differently:

Mom: >>gag<< Ugh!  That's so awful, it's nauseating.
Me: Mom, it's pretty bad, but that's a little dramatic.
Mom: No, that is nauseating.  Ugh.  >>turns page<<

Just then my dad comes in from the grocery store.  My little sister comes downstairs to help him unload the groceries and goes straight for the bag with the raw meat. 

Amanda: Wait!  Where are the fajitas?!?
Dad: We're having steak tonight. (my dad was going to barbecue)
Amanda: >>glare at dad<< Why do you hate me?!?  >>storms upstairs<<

My parents watch her go and kind of snicker.  Then my mom turns to a stack of papers.

Mom: Oh, Tony, here's your driver's license.  I think I took it out to write a check.
Dad: ...harumpf...Well, if you wouldn't rape my wallet!

That's when I stood up, with barely contained laughter, and said, "I need to call Alan.  That was too perfect."

Fairly certain this loses something in the retelling, but it still makes me laugh.
~Blue Skies~

Quote of the Day:
[Walt Disney] has the best casting. If he doesn't like an actor he just tears him up.
~Alfred Hitchcock


You should talk about us more often. We are quite hilarious = )